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  • Solyn Solyn
    22 juil 2011, 09h02 Énorme ! Depuis que j’ai découvert BFBC 1 j’suis tombé amoureux des BF !Les vidéos sont imnpsesiornantes ! je regrette pas de l’avoir commandé en version Collector !
  • Finch Finch
    hey dhoti, i read ur shit and u r correct in one thing on038#82y0;&#&23l;.. terrorist of nepal go and held meeting in INDIA….. u asshole..u r one to spread violence over terai and give trouble to our nepali brother.
  • Wind Wind
    And I was just wodrneing about that too!
  • Priscilla Priscilla
    God help me, I put aside a whole aftenroon to figure this out.
  • Lucian Lucian
    Your thnkiing matches mine - great minds think alike!

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